Critical Analysis About Google Scholar

Introduction: if you are a bibliophile you must have some know-how about google scholar. Any person who is interested in research articles, research papers, journals and those who are in the process of their higher education must visit this amazing website as it serves them as a library. Google Scholar is a database of searchable scholarly literature. On the educational ground, it serves a wonderful research tool for the people pursuing higher education and craves knowledge worldwide. It is the home for a huge database and googles scholar citations of the scientist and researchers.

Differentiation Between Google And Google Scholar:

Well, you must have heard from so many people around you, even at times from your teacher not to use google as your search engine. The phrase “DO NOT USE GOOGLE” is basically confining u to use the public web contact. The google scholar is way different as it connects you purely to the library’s database and catalogs and serves you with the scholarly articles, citations, books, and documents of the same kind that you search. Its the main focus on the authoritative scholars distinguishes it from the ordinary google.

Way To Access Citation On The Google Scholar:

Google scholar permits you with a very easy and delightful searching as u find in a regular google. The homepage of google scholar looks very similar to the homepage of Google. starting with the home page of the library and search SHSU’s google scholar. Click on the tab “ARTICLES AND MORE” and at the very bottom locate the google search box. Enter the phrase, the term, and the sentence of your search interest such as “DENGUE FEVER”.

On return, google scholar provides you with the results first that are most relevant ones, based on certain criteria like the availability of the item’s full text, source of the data, author and the number of times it has been cited by others. Well, it is not necessary that google scholar will always lead you to the search result that gives you the availability of the full text.

Keys To search Full Text Of The Google Scholar Citation: Keys To search Full Text Of The Google Scholar Citation:

So many of you have complained about the availability of the full text of your desired search. Sometimes you are just getting the abstract, at times its just introduction and just given you a page or two only. To get the full text to let’s peak into some of the key elements. Firstly, look for the PDF or HTML links present at the right Of the article title. Second, find an online source @SHSU link.

These two will going to help you find the availability of the google scholar citation with full text, that will found either in a publicly available place or in some online links offered by the SHSU. In any case, if you still do not find the full text on these links then you can go with the option of contacting the library service desk. It is possible that some documents are not available online but you can get them in the library building or via interlibrary loan.

By Using Google Scholar, Extraction Of Material From Different kind 0f sources:

Citations on google scholar having access to information and the database from a variety of sources. The information is coming from a vast variety of sources that is including ;

Different areas of research contributing to scholarly literature
Dissertation (a written document that summarizes research)
Papers presented in the conferences (with the goal of being accepted to a conference)
Preprints (a platform that accepts articles from all fields of science and technology ).
Academic books
Theses and abstracts
Technical report

Some Best Practices Of Google Scholar:

Whenever we are looking for any search and data we face some problems and the very prominent is the wide range of data and filtering of that information requires a lot of time from you. Well to solve this issue and to go on with the time management google scholar provides you a narrow range with the best search results. Pulling the desired citation from the plethora of research includes a huge number of journals, articles, papers and academic books is one of the excellent features designed in google scholar. It does this by a variety of ways like;

Finding the most recent and appropriate data by sorting out the research range by specifying a “DATE”.

Targeting the keywords according to meet your demands and then searching for free versions of your articles (one should look for PDFs and library postings.

To gain a better understanding of a topic, check the reference section of an article.

In a nutshell, the best and the basic is to know what you exactly want, hone your research skills, given it time, but this all together and surely you are getting more than you invest.

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