Amazon Prime – A Descriptive Guide For 2020

What is Amazon Prime?

The obvious reason why Amazon is at the forefront of online sales is its rapid service delivery and customer satisfaction. Today, no one can know the company.

The company provides home-to-house products to A-to-Z products, giving people a sense of relief In addition to making a lot of money, the company has chosen a high-tech game called ‘American Prime’ to hit the online retail market once again.

Amazon Prime is a great suggestion by the company to encourage people to trust online shopping. If you sign up for it, this plan will cost you $ 99 a year or $ 10.99 a month.

The interesting fact about this program is that it not only buys, but you will also get more video streaming, music and more. There are plenty of arguments that support this program, but we’ve listed some facts that might force you to think twice before going to the program.

It’s a bit of a question, whether this Amazon Prime program is considered worth considering or not because you certainly do. We will pay a very high price. Before purchasing the package, we suggest that you read it.

We divide the text into two parts – the first – the benefits of Amazon Prime and the second – the disadvantages of Amazon Prime, in other words, the benefits and content of the article related to this offer. Let it get started without wasting a second.

Free delivery stuff:

If you are a regular user, you should routinely face delivery costs, if your wallet does not cost $ 25. You pay for your delivery no matter what you buy. In addition, the slow delivery of 5-6 days is another sad fact. You never know when you will receive your shipment.

With each new Amazon Prime, you are free from all these restrictions, you can buy any item you like and you do not need to pay even more money. In addition, you will also receive a two-day supply of one million items in the store.

Free delivery stuff:

If you are a regular user, you should routinely face delivery costs, if your wallet does not cost $ 25. You pay for your delivery no matter what you buy. In addition, the slow delivery of 5-6 days is another sad fact. You never know when you will receive your shipment.

With each new Amazon Prime, you are free from all these restrictions, you can buy any item you like and you do not need to pay even more money. In addition, you will also receive a two-day supply of one million items in the store.

Free one-year video streaming:

This is the most important feature of our Amazon Prime listing. All members who sign this ad will have a fun time with Amazon. Amazon is offering many new movies, recent TV series such as ‘Mozart in the Jungle’, ‘Transparent’, etc. on your phone. You can stream these videos on other devices such as computers, fire TVs, and more

The Amazon Prime app and website also support this feature so you never miss your favorite episodes. It’s a mind-blowing deal to watch all the new movies for free without the hassle of downloading or buying.

Stream your favorite music:

After buying offers from Amazon Prime, you don’t have to spend money on any apps that play your favorite music. This offer comes with an app where you will receive millions of the latest songs from around the world.

In addition, the app is free of any hassle of advertising. It’s a free app called Prime Music. Just download from your Google Play Store or App Store and forget about the world of cool music.

Prime Photos:

The feature deserves its name. The Prime Photos feature lets you store the most memorable photos that are so important to you that you risk losing one of them. With this fun feature called Prime Photo, you’ll never be out of space.

In addition to unlimited imaging space, Amazon Drive offers you 5GB of storage for other documents such as videos, files, and more.

Access to Lightning Deal:

This feature makes you a great customer for Amazon. You will be considered an Elite Member of the Circle by providing you with electricity deals. You can stop all payments 30 minutes before anyone else.

Electricity deals are a great feature. Shopkeepers offer amazing discounts on the average price of documents. Generally, items include smartphones, laptops, fashion, guides, etc.

A Lending Library for Kindle Lovers:

This offer will impress all readers who like to read and use Kindle. We all know that there are over 8 million different types of ebooks in Kindle. You can borrow one book each month in addition to the due date. In addition, you will receive a book issued once a month in the first month of Kindle.

Prime now:

This is definitely our favorite feature of all the attractions offered by Amazon Prime. The reason we love this offer so much is that you will get amazing delivery of over 10,000 items within 2 hours for free. This is another app that Amazon has developed and is definitely free for Prime members. Usually, this item is delivered to the store near your home.

In fact, it is made for a person who does not have time for all these things like food, food, gifts, etc. Whether you book early in the morning or late in the evening, you will get a good delivery. Generally, if you walk well with 2 hours of access you have free delivery, however, if you want to reach 1 hour you have to pay 99 7.99 for something and you will be at the door

Prime benefits for a Family:

Another way to attract the majority of you is with the Amazon family who lives in a shared family. It includes fashion, food, and most importantly, a 20% discount on dairy purchases and a 15% discount on children.

On the face of it, the Amazon Prime offering may be intended for one member, but many of us are not aware that you can actually share these benefits with an individual in your family. It’s called Amazon Household, where two people can do it all with Prime’s offer.

Amazon Primer Offer Issues:

This is also a very important argument as to whether you really need to join the Amazon Prime offer. Is there something wrong with that? Here are some facts we’ve added that can support the idea that you don’t need an Amazon Prime subscription.

  • It all depends on what you need and practice online. If you are someone who adheres to the “you believe you see” principle and prefers buying offline instead of online, this offer will be worth it to you. Or if you don’t buy one or two items at an online store in a month, then paying shipping costs will be a huge reward.
  • Amazon Prime is the smart way to take control of everything you do. After joining this offer you do not want to spend any money on any other online store due to shipping costs, which will eventually bind you to a store with limited options.

Other reasons include unnecessary spending on online shopping. The more you shop online, the more likely you are to buy something that will keep you engaged without further deductions.

Although both sides of the coin are reasonable, we think the profits outweigh the disadvantages of Amazon Prime, as we mentioned above, Amazon Prime just won’t buy much. At the end of the day, your choices and your needs will matter.

Alternatively, you get a free 30-day trial package that will give you access to all the entertainment benefits that will surely make all your aspects stand out concretely. ۔ An important fact to consider is that you need to opt-out of the program if you do not want to proceed, otherwise the company will withdraw your money from the extra credit card.

Boost Mobile – Pro Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Mobile Phones in 2020



Mobile phones can be cited as one of the most revolutionary inventions invented by humans. It is handy, small and convenient enough. Saying this won’t be wrong that it has become an essential part of our daily lives.

It enables us to chat, to talk, to connect, to discuss, to have fun and to socialize ourselves with our fellow human beings. It is a source of learning and enlightenment.

The first mobile phone, the “Motorola DynaTAC 800x” launched in 1984 could only provide a talk time of 30 minutes before dying but as we advance our lives in the 21st century.

We come across another generation of mobile phones which are now labeled as smartphones. The smartphones are a result of sophisticated technology and almost allow us to do everything from talking to socializing.

These phones not only come with pre-installed programs and applications but also allow us to install our desired applications in them.

But with heaps of installed apps, the phone starts becoming sluggish and a nuisance. It starts to get slower day by day.

Now, we may blame pre-installed applications that were already installed or which we installed, our pictures, videos, music, etc. for causing all this trouble (which may be true) but another key factor also works behind.

The junk and the useless data which gets collected every day is also another cause behind your phone’s slack performance.

Consider a well-trained athlete who hasn’t raced for some time and as a result of which, is showing a diminished performance.

Now if he’s genuinely concerned about his performance, he will try his very best to get his way around and look for the solutions to “boost” up his speed.

Similarly, if you are worried about the flat speed and performance of your phone, this article can help you with it.

Why Should I Boost Mobile Phones?

Imagine waking up late just on the day you have a presentation at your office. Now you rush and double up everything but the moment you try to book that cab, your phone gets stuck.

You get to your office late, with your boss being mad at you. Certainly, no one likes to put him or herself in a situation like this neither do you. What’s the solution then? The answer is ‘Boosting’.

Boosting or speeding up your mobile is a regular job that you should d at regular intervals. The following are some useful tips which you can use to enhance your phone’s speed.

  • Cache Clearing: Cache is a piece of data, images, files or scripts which get stored after the first visit to any website and is stored. It then reloads that website quickly when you visit it again. But as time passes, caches from different websites keep on accumulating and as a result, fill up the storage. Hence, it is mandatory to revisit the storage of your device and clear the cache regularly.
  • Getting Rid of Unused Apps: Android phones come with many pre-installed apps, some of which are of no use for an ordinary user. Therefore, you should check for such apps and get rid of them.
  • Chrome Data Saver: Most of the android users use chrome as their browser. One thing that they can do to optimize their phone’ s speed is that they can open data saver by going into the settings of their browser. It can then reduce the page loading time by 30% and video streaming time by around 50%.
  • Removing or Reducing the Widgets: Removing or Reducing the Widgets:

Widgets are the icons that you can place on your home screen and other main screens to launch an app without opening the menu. They act as a shortcut but as time passes, they tend to reduce the speed of your phone.

In order to uplift your smart phone’s speed, you can reduce their number or remove them completely.

  • Clearing the Clutter: Many pictures and photos in our gallery are of no use. They become less significant with time. Deleting those can make space on our phone and more space is directly proportional to better productivity.
  • Clearing Browsing History: This one can work for android, iPhone and Windows phones. Accumulation of browsing history also takes up space and deleting it can amplify the phone’s performance.

Kali Linux – How To Install Kali Linux in 2020


Kali Linux – Origins Of Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a Linux kernel operating system (distribution). Its basis is another distribution – Debian.

The Kali operating system is designed for advanced penetration testing and security auditing. Kali Linux is developed, funded and supported by Offensive Security, a leading information security training company.

If you’ve heard about BackTrack Linux, then Kali Linux is a continuation of this platform. The first release dates back to March 13, 2013. It is not just a new version of BackTrack.

But a completely redesigned distribution kit from which ineffective tools with duplicate functionality have been removed and new up-to-date programs have been added.

Currently, Kali Linux is actively developing. This applies both to the infrastructure of the project, the distribution kit, and in relation to “hacker” programs – they are constantly updated, new high-quality software packages are added.

Kali Linux is specifically tailored to the requirements of penetration testing and security audit professionals. Kali Linux has made several changes that reflect these needs.

Given the unique nature of Kali Linux, this distribution is NOT recommended unless you are new to Linux or looking for general-purpose desktop Linux for development, web design, games, etc.

By default, Kali Linux probably doesn’t have all that you need to get you started daily penetration testing with ease.

With a few tips, tricks and applications, we can quickly start using Kali. Most Linux distributions are very customizable. This makes personalizing your penetration testing a little more difficult.

How To Download Kali Linux:

Firstly, you have to download the Kali Linux Software from the following link:

How To Install Kali Linux In Windows:

  • The next step is to burn the Kali Linus ISO to DVD.
  • Now for the third step, you have to make sure that your computer or whatever device you are using is set to boot from CD/USB in your BIOS.


  • First, choose a medium for installation to boot with. The Kali boot screen should appear.
  • Second, select the live option. You will be booted to the Kali Linux default desktop.
  • Third, to give your computer enough space for the Kali Linux Software, you have to launch a partition-editing application.
  • Fourth, now that you have resized your window, make sure you select “apply all operation” on the hard disk.
  • Fifth, exit your partition-editing application & reboot.

How To Install Kali Linux in Android

  • Go to your phone’s play store & download Linux Deploy Application.
  • Install the Linux Deploy Application, open it & click on the download icon.
  • Go to properties & change the distribution to “Kali”.
  • Set installation type & location on your android device.
  • Hit install & the Kali Linux bootstrap will start from the Kali repository.
  • When the installation is finished, the Linux deploy will automatically mount & load your Kali Linux root image.
  • Note the IP address that is assigned to your device. You can use it to log in to your Kali account.

How To Install In Ubuntu

Firstly, we need to install Git, Python & Katoolin. Launch Katoolin & you will see various options from which you will choose the “Add Kali repositories & Update” option.

Click on this option & this will add the Kali Linux repositories to your Ubuntu system. Now type 1 and hit Enter. Then it will show the submenu. You have to type 1 again for “Add Kali Linux repositories”.

Type 2 to update repositories. By typing 3 and 4, you can remove repositories and view contents of “sources. list” file. Now type “back” to go the main menu.

Type “go home” and hit enter to go the Main Menu. In order to view all categories, type 2 from the main menu & it will list all the categories. If you want to install all the tools, type 0.

You can also use any number of your choice to install a particular tool. Through the process of installation, it will ask to restart services. You can select “yes” to continue.

To install a classic menu indicator, type 3 and hit enter. It will ask for confirmation, type “y” to confirm it and install. After the installation is completed, you will be able to see the menu.

If you want to install a Kali menu, type 4 and hit enter. It will ask for confirmation. Type “y” to confirm the installation.

Google Flights – Getting Started With Google Flights in 2020

A Detailed Analysis Of Google Flights

If you usually travel by plane, we are sure that this information will interest you. And a lot. First, we will ask you if you know about the existence of Google Flights or Google Flights. If you have never used it, you should know that it is a Google-owned tool that helps travelers find the flights they are looking for.

How To Get Started With Google Flights:

Starting to use Google Flights or Google Flights is very simple. All you have to do is access the Google Flights home page. Upon access, what you will see is a search engine to use.

In which logically, you will have to enter the data corresponding to the airport of origin and destination, the date on which you want to go and return, the number of passengers who are going to travel and the class (tourist, premium tourist, business and first-class ).

The app offers many sticky offers that users can choose to get a discount when buying tickets. But in addition, the tool includes different tricks to find cheap flights. And even notify you at the most suitable time to buy them.

The tool is even able to propose trips. And offer you information on what has been the most sought after destinations in the last hours. With Easter holidays just around the corner, maybe it’s time to start taking advantage of the unknown advantages of Google Flights or Google Flights.

The Main Front UI:

As the front view of the app clearly states a self-defined search bar at the top along with the arrival and departure calendar. You will also have direct access to a section of the most popular destinations according to your location. And on the right side of the page, a map from which you can also track flights.

View Popular Destinations On Google Map:

Not sure about fate yet? In this case, do not worry. Because you can let yourself be advised by Google Flights. The tool offers you the possibility to see which are the most popular destinations according to the airport or city that you normally have selected.

Another very simple way to search for interesting flights is to do it on the map. When you access the cover of Google Flights, you’ll see a map. All you have to do to see the flights on the map is to click here. It will open on the screen and you can explore all the flights for a specific city.

This option may come in handy for finding flights at smaller airports. For example, if you want flights departing from Santander, click on this city. And then click on View flights.

You will see the flights that interest you most and you will have the option of finding other means of transport, in the case instead of traveling by plane, you end up traveling by train.

Competitive Prices:

Google Flights has another very interesting feature, which is the possibility of tracking prices. In this way, you will be able to receive alerts in your email if the tickets fall in price at some point. Setting this option is very easy.

All you have to do is search for the flight that interests you. Select the airport of origin and destination. You can choose some dates, but you want to follow the prices in time, the most likely is that in your case you do not mind flying at different times.

This is a very interesting option if you usually travel often or if you are planning to travel in the future, regardless of the exact date.

With the search results, scroll down to locate the option: Track prices. Activate this switch. From now on, you will receive information every time Google detects that the price has dropped.

If you need to configure these alerts, click on the configuration options (the hamburger icon) and choose the Prices that you follow. From here you can see all the prices you are following and manage them.

Google Flights USA:

If you are planning a trip to the USA than google flights will be a digital Messiah for you, With standalone features of price comparison, destination suggestion it uses artificial intelligence to suggest the cheapest flights available for the USA trips.

If you are planning to travel to the US, Google flights will be your virtual assistant In a convenient way and with very fast results, with its dominant and standalone selection features to find the cheapest flights are available.

And for those who still don’t know where to travel in the US, Google Flight has a map to discover possible destinations and a tool to plan trips also in various US states like Alabama, California, Florida, Miami, Chicago, etc.

for example, users can access a chart of the months in which it is more advisable to travel to a destination depending on the price or other conditions they indicate.